About Sparkle
Achievement- Over the years, we have helped many of our customers to come up with high value adding solution to problems. We have customers across the globe where we manage to meet their needs, range from customers of high end brands with reputation and strict requirement and expectation on quality and service, as well as customers who seeks reasonable products with good quality and fair price.

Our comprehensive supply chain, from Taiwan and China, well over hundred factories, spread across, both northern and southern china, with wide variety of unique products. Through long cooperation with factory over the years, with vast knowledge of materials and production management, to provide customers an effective delivery plan, optimized lead-time, to ensure products reach the market as needed.

Sales and marketing team are well experienced, worked with world renowned brands, with good product knowledge, familiar on market trend, can accommodate and fulfill the needs of customer of all categories. Our QC team has inspection and monitor production for juvenile products for many years, with comprehensive understanding of the most updated safety requirement. Meanwhile, We strictly follow customer quality requirement and reach beyond their expectations on quality level.

Sparkle have substantial amount of professional knowledge in this industry, we are developing product based on customers design to find the most appropriate factory for OEM products, plus to offer manufacturer’s ODM products, and tailor make to needs of customer demand.

We can proudly say, Sparkle are the professional leader of the juvenile industry, we preform analysis base on most up to date market trend and statistics. We wish to be part of your long term strategic partner in your growing business, provide efficient and effective service in the best of your interest, to be your synergy in this competitive niche market, to be result in a win-win situation and be successful.